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I would love to hear your stories of how you improve the lives of others and share them.

What do you do to improve the lives of others?

Living Citizenship This website is based on the Zulu idea of Ubuntu and is dedicated to celebrating how we improve the lives of others. The aim is to 
“Get the Ubuntu Going” by sharing our stories.

Dave Morrissey on Coaching SEN Pupils to Success

Our school helps young people with moderate learning difficulties, ASD, emotional, and developmental learning difficulties. Every year, the Year 11 students get involved in the Young Enterprise programme. The great thing about the programme is that everybody can be included in order that their personal qualities and skills are used to the best of their ability. Read a short account


What is your narrative?          What do you do and why do you do it?
What values do you live out by doing this work?
How do you empower the people in the communities that you work with?
How do you help to tackle prejudice and challenge stereotypes in your work?
Email me your stories to share with others:    mapotts53@gmail.com
Novelist Chimamanda Adichie talks about “The Danger of a Single Story”. I want to avoid this danger by sharing a range of stories from different cultures and contexts.  Click here to watch a short video clip
Novelist Chimamanda Adichie talks about “The Danger of a Single Story”. I want to avoid this danger by sharing a range of stories from different cultures and contexts.  Click here to watch a short video clip

This is Robert Watts’ Narrative about learning to live in Spain.

I live in Seville with my Spanish girlfriend and her daughter. Moving to Spain and adopting a new culture has been very enlightening for me because I have learnt to distinguish between culture and human beings, remove a persons culture and what remains is a brother or sister, with the same need for love, affection, food, water, housing etc. as ourselves. Cultural differences become barriers to empathy and create conflict when our cultures become a rigid identity. When we learn to identify with our humanity we see others as extensions of ourselves, and culture is perceived as what it really is: a form of creative expression.
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Jack Whitehead: How am I contributing to improving the lives of others?

In this response to Mark Potts’ question, ‘What do you do to improve the lives of others?’ (http://www.livingcitizenship.uwclub.net) I am focusing on my question, ‘How am I contributing to improving the lives of others?  The importance of stressing the idea of a ‘contribution’ to the lives of others is to acknowledge that whatever I do, with the intention of helping others to improve their lives’ is going to be mediated by the creative response of the other to what I do.  More          Jack’s website.

Sadie Smith: Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day in Wimbledon

For about 20 years now we have been able to offer Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day to anyone who lives in our local community who might be on their own or have difficulty cooking lunch for themselves. We usually feed about 90 guests of all ages, culture and religion.                 More



Phil Tattersall: Empowering the Community and Stories of Activism

It can no longer be argued that our futures are in the hands of the so-called experts. We are learning very quickly that the use of traditional approaches to solving social and environmental problems is leading to serious and far-reaching dilemmas.

Mad cow disease, groundwater pollution, nuclear reactor failures, salinization of agricultural land and destruction of indigenous cultures, to mention a few, have all been largely brought about through the application of the Western magic of positivism. Read more

Inspirational stories of Activism            About Phil Tattersall

Marie Huxtable on enhancing peoples’ abilities to learn to live a loving life.

To contribute to improving the lives of others I am developing my educational practice as educator, educational researcher and educational psychologist. My practice is concerned with enhancing peoples’ abilities to learn to live a loving, satisfying, productive and worthwhile life, for themselves and others. Read More

Gill Newton on Games Days

Acquaintances that used to enjoy a home full of family life but for a variety of reasons – divorce, bereavement, and children leaving the nest – are now adjusting to living on their own. Like me many used to enjoy board games! Nowadays, with my adult sons and daughter-in-law, it is the specialist designer strategy games we play ...Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan...and on bank holidays especially I’ll invite other singletons to a Games Day at home with lunch and snacks from mid morning till evening.       Read more

Emma Rooney - Developing Children’s Creativity: Performance Poetry in Brunei

What SO delighted me about the whole experience was watching these young people - almost NONE of whom had ever done any kind of 'performance' in public before - transforming before my eyes... They did what they would formerly have thought was beyond their courage and capabilities. It was just magical.
Read More            See video clips of performance poetry         Also Here           Dreadlock Alien

Jack Whitehead on de-valuation and de-moralisation of economic questions

We have moved beyond the reductionism which leads all questions to be discussed as if they were economic ones (de-valuation) to a situation where moral questions are denied completely (de-moralisation) in a cult of economic inevitability (as if greed had nothing to do with it). Read More

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