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I would love to hear your stories of how you improve the lives of others and share them.

What do you do to improve the lives of others?

Living Citizenship This website is based on the Zulu idea of Ubuntu and is dedicated to celebrating how we contribute to improving the lives of others. The aim is to 
“Get the Ubuntu Going” by sharing our stories.

As we perform these duties for elderly people we are living out our values of love and care for others. We add to a sense of community. We are doing Ubuntu.

Through dialogue we learn from each other. We live out our values of respect for the autonomous other and respect for and learning from different cultures.

Living Citizenship is when you live out your values as a person and in doing so you improve the lives of others.


How do we contribute to improving the lives of others? help others?

Learn with others?

Shopping or trips out for elderly people?

Where has the idea come from?

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Living Citizenship
The gaze of a student.
When I spoke with this South African youth and others like him about his hopes and dreams for the future he was full of ambition, yet he was also well aware of the difficulties that he will face in realising his ambition. He is living in a community that was neglected and persecuted by colonial governments. How can we help to empower people in these communities and provide a means of supporting them that does not impose our values on them. How can we help to get the Ubuntu going with them? Living Citizenship provides a means of doing this as we engage in dialogue exploring what we have in common and how we are different, reaching a new understanding of how to move forward.

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